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Artists at Self Expressions Gallery

Ed Bokamper - Acrylic Artist


Ed has been active in the art world most of his life.  He moved to Corpus Christi, TX in 1981 to pursue a new career.  After getting himself established, he wanted to get back to his art and improve his painting skills.  He signed up for a workshop where he met Guy Morrow.  Guy became his mentor and he studied under him for 8-10 years.  He participated in many art shows in the Corpus Christi area between 1996 and 2012 and sold his work to buyers across the US.  Since moving back to Nebraska in 2012 he has shown his work in galleries in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and now Nebraska City.  He works in acrylics and specializes in Rural American and Western art.  

Ed was born and raised in Omaha, Ne and started his career as a printer after high school doing the old style of printing using lead.  After 14 years changes to the industry with the advent of computers pushed him into moving to Texas and a new career as a kitchen and bath designer selling cabinets.  After 34 years, he retired and moved back to Nebraska where he now lives in the small town of Cook. 

Ken Brewer - Liquid Acrylics / Oil


Art is a puzzle.  Art is challenging, frustrating, fun and rewarding.  I like to attempt to capture various moods and emotions from serene to excited.  I find creating paintings to be a mostly calming, temporary escape from worldly turmoil.
I make art because it is an endless learning process.  I enjoy learning and constantly evolving by trying new painting styles and techniques to see where I can go with them.  I have evolved from representational to the more abstract. I have tried to learn to use color, form, line and contrast to achieve the desired effects.
My work is often inspired by the brilliant, as well as subtle, colors of nature.  And, at other times, the resulting works are purely imaginary.  I was originally educated as a Mathematician and Computer Programmer.  Then in 1993, I decided to try to use more of the right side of my brain  by acquiring a BFA in Studio Art. My analytic, mathematical side likes to invent geometric designs to bring order.  The other side of my brain likes to create colorful organic abstracts and large flower paintings. Sometimes there is conflict and the results are, at best, unpredictable.
I am especially honored and gratified when someone else likes my art well enough to purchase it and display it in their own home or office.  Hopefully, my art can lift someone’s spirit and allow them to smile inside.

Deborah Brooks - Fine Silver Jewelry Silverware Jewelry


Certified Instructor Deb Brooks has been working with Metal Clay for over 20 years. Deb enjoys creating with many mediums but loves the variety of effects and unknown possibilities she gets when working with Metal Clay.
Metal Clay intrigued her interest when it first came out in the mid-’90s, but she did not take the plunge until later. In 2012 Deb took her first Certification class in Denver Co. so that she could teach. Deb has participated in many juried shows across the country, and her work can be found in several art galleries in the midwest. Deb’s work has developed a following and has been commissioned to create special one of kind pieces.
Frank Started working with Deborah taking over the silverware line when she found Metal Clay. He has created many new Items with the silverware, letter openers, key chains, and twisted forks to mention just a few and always working on new ones.
Frank and Deb enjoy working together to create fun new designs.

Rhonda Bruggeman - Fused Glass


My fused glass interests started in 2014. I had always had a love for glass art, in any form. I love the way the light catches it and spreads colors across the room, or how pieces can brighten up a dull garden. I started out as a basic fuser, but soon found a passion for creating realistic glass paintings using powdered glass and various sizes of crushed glass to create the illusion of depth in my pieces. The process involves the use various tools to remove the powdered glass to show the lighter areas and add powder to create the darker shading of the pieces. Sometimes, I find myself daydreaming which leads me down the path of creating whimsical glass art for the garden, it brings out the kid in me and reminds me of a fairyland. I also enjoy creating functional art pieces that can be used every day such as bowls, cheeseboards, and trays. I am continually learning new techniques which allow me to blend bits and pieces from various techniques to create unique pieces.

Lorelle Carr - Painter


My name is Lorelle Carr, I am a full-time artist. I was born in North Dakota, grew up in Las Vegas and Omaha, Nebraska became my home in 2001. I have lived in many places, but I fell in love with Omaha and its people. I paint in many different mediums, my first love is the airbrush, but acrylics is the phase I am experiencing now. My paintings vary from large to small scale, I usually work in a series. My art is bold, colorful and vivid. In the past few years I have added “project painting” to my list, which has come from a love of speed painting, also known as daily paintings. With these projects the paintings are much smaller and I involve the public. I ask for them to email photos of the subject that has been chosen for the project. When the project begins, I pull a photo from a hat and post on my blog and on social media. I like to post the photo in the morning, who sent it in, where they are from and a brief story. In the evening I post the completed painting. Thus far, I have completed five projects, the first, “90 Birds in 90 Days” and I’ve just completed the “Zoo Project” 50 days of zoo animals.

Heyn de Kock - Wildlife Photography


Heyn de Kock is a wildlife photographer and veterinarian from the Gold Coast of Australia. He has had his images published in numerous publications, including the cover of the BirdLife Australia magazine. His beautiful wildlife photographs make a wonderful focal point to any room.

Heyn’s mission is to photograph a member of each bird and mammal family in the wild. He has a special interest in birds, especially sea birds and shore birds. Heyn’s collection spans an impressive 991 species of birds in 134 families and 104 species of mammals in 34 families across Australasia, Southern Africa and North America.

Heyn’s dedication and patience in waiting to capture the perfect shot is evident in his gorgeous images. From his dramatic monochrome photos to showcasing the beautiful color of nature, Heyn’s photos reveal the striking details of his subjects.

Heyn works exclusively with Nikon camera equipment.

Danielle Easdale - Paper Artist


Danielle Easdale is an Award Winning, International Paper Artist who creates portraits and artworks out of paper. Australian born, she now resides with her family in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

By daylight she works in the recycling industry where she developed a love of all things paper. By night she hand carves, cuts and manipulates paper with a scalpel blade into intricate works of art. Danielle fell in love with the contrasts of paper – both incredibly fragile, yet somehow durable, withstanding the tests of time. With an eagle eye and steady hand, Danielle takes a simple medium and creates depth and movement and exposes the finest of details in her subjects. Her artwork really must be seen in person to appreciate the intricacy within.

Danielle’s artworks have been acquired by private collectors across the USA and worldwide including the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Mark Fletemeyer - Wood Art


I have been working with wood for over 30 years and enjoy designing my own furniture. Recently I have branched out and started creating art which allows me to freely express myself. I strive for fresh, unique, innovative pieces and love working with geometric shapes. The sphere is my favorite shape. No matter how it is measured, the same dimensions are realized. The sphere is comprised of a number mankind has yet to solve (PI.) I have often been referred to as a visual mathematician. Working with exotic hardwoods allows me the luxury of an extensive color palette. In addition to color, texture, pattern, warmth, and glow are also present. Touch a finely finished piece of wood; feel its smoothness, texture, and warmth. I think you will find it has a calming effect.

Shannon Meade - Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Ink, Oil Pastels


IMAGINE WITH ALL YOUR MIND…AND THEN SOME. Shannon Meade here, A.K.A. Sis, Sissy & Dory!    I honestly cannot remember a single time in my life that I have not been infatuated with art. In fact, I’m pretty sure my senior year in High School… I had 5 out of 8 class periods I spent in the ART ROOM.. (shhhh…  Our secret.
I have a 9 year old daughter, Jocelyn. She is hilarious… And so so intelligent! As a self taught artist, I can honestly say, Jocelyn is my biggest inspiration and a hell of a motivator! Her imagination is amazing!    I have always doodled, sketched, painted straight from my heart and brain…. By the time it’s to my hands to paper/canvas…watch out! Get it! Open that brain, let your imagine flow. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush!
Welcome to SHANNON MEADE with…mind, heart and soul. Enter with caution!!!
“Finding myself in this contemporary world, there will always be more” -SM
“Kindness is a gift… GIVE IT-ALWAYS”-SM

Terry Hager - Oil Painting / Drawing


Terry Hager (b. 1960) was born in North Dakota and spent most of his childhood growing up an hour away from the Badlands where he spent time during his youth hunting, hiking, camping and enjoying the many views of massive prairies and colorful rock formations. “Terry is genetically rooted to the land and it’s rhythms, through his family who farmed the steeps of Russia before moving to North Dakota a century ago to farm that same type of ecosystem.” He remembers at an early age his teachers would comment about his talent for drawing and painting and felt encouraged early on to make art, but at the same time remembers being reprimanded for doodling in class when he was supposed to be listening.

After spending some time in Europe in the military and seeing some great works of art throughout his journeys, Terry enrolled At North Dakota State University where his love for art was nurtured and defined and soon he began to mature as a young Artist in the visual arts program where in 1986 he received his Bachelor’s of Art degree.

Terry wanted to furthered pursued his ambitions in art and applied to graduate school’s soon after his undergraduate studies at NDSU and was offered a teaching assistantship at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln Nebraska.

By now Terry had honed his skills as an excellent draftsman with a great visual acuity in composition and color theory and applied these skills in the studies of painting where he studied all the aspects of the craft and is where he found his love as a painter. Terry believes as a painter, one should record what surrounds him and how it connects to him in a visual statement.

As a traditionalist at heart he devoted much of his time learning the techniques of the early Dutch and Flemish painters, and early 19th century Hudson River School Painters, and now following the more present movement, the Hudson River School Fellowship Painters. Terry likes to stay true to the fundamentals in painting and has a strong conviction that communicating a great visual experience should always include great draftsmanship, composition, design and color theory. His desire as an Artist is to portray through his paintings a positive and uplifting mood that will inspire and at the same time move the viewer through the space that he masterly creates.

Terry’s current works are represented by a group of paintings depicting his love for the land as these paintings of Nebraska landscapes tell the story of his connection to the land where he lives and his visual beliefs as he visually creates.
Terry resides in Nebraska City, Nebraska with his wife Denice. He has taught at both NDSU and UNL along with private lessons in his studio. He has won awards in many national and International juried competitions for his painting and drawings. His work has been shown in numerous galleries throughout the US and has also shown Internationally.
Terry is currently represented by the Connect Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska and the Grove Gallery in Nebraska City with works represented in private and corporate collections, both Nationally and Internationally.

Paul & Sandi Nichols -Ceramics


Paul and Sandi Nichols are the Prairie Potter. They live in Bellevue, Nebraska and work from their home studio. Paul does all the throwing and Sandi does the decorating and hand-building. Both of them are members of Omaha Artists Association.

Sandi and Paul consider themselves true functional potters and as such, to them, form follows function. When Paul sits down at the wheel the form he envisions will end up, in one way or another, being a functional piece that will serve a purpose.

It is important to them that the person who picks up a piece of their pottery can see and feel a sense of purpose, for which it was designed and created. Sand’s sense of design and color lend themselves to the shape and design of Paul’s creations.

Paul became involved in pottery about 30 years ago. He studied under Susan McGilvery and Jerry Horning at Creighton University and refined his work in the vein of Warren McKenzie, Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Sandi is a decorative folk artist who trained under a certified decorative artist for many years. Her training has translated well into Paul’s pottery designs and shapes.

In addition to The Grove their work is in The Passageway Gallery in the Old Market in Omaha, the Noyes Gallery in Lincoln and a seasonal gallery, The Wildwood Art Barn, also in Nebraska City.

Uniquely functional pottery is their mainstay. Working together they produce attractive pottery that can be used every day but with an artistic flair.

Bob Mathews - Mixed Media, Painting & Sculpture



His Life:

Dr. Mathews was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up in the neighboring city of St. Paul. His education was through the public school system. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of arts degree granted Summa Cum Laude in the field of Physiology.

After his undergraduate education, Dr. Mathews moved to St. Louis, Missouri and attended St. Louis University School of Medicine. Once medical school and post-graduate training were completed, Dr. Mathews practiced 37 years within the specialty of Emergency Medicine. February 28, 2017 marked his retirement from practicing medicine.

After many years as a “weekend painter”, he is now drawing and painting full-time from his home studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Mathews’ wife, Terri, is his biggest critic. Two large, active dogs, Jax and Missy, are his studio assistants.

His Art:

In an effort to expand his horizons and pursue his interests in art, Dr. Mathews enrolled many years ago in an art survey course at Hibbing, Minnesota Community College. This course allowed students to sample various mediums. Dr. Mathews became particularly interested in painting. His interests have widened over the years, and in addition to painting, he is now creating mixed media pieces and sculpture.

To date, he has participated in 53 group shows, 1 three-person show, 2 two-person shows and 7 solo exhibitions. In 2015, he received the awards of: “Best in Show – Silver” from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist’s Coalition, “Runner-Up Best in Show” from the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, “Honorable Mention” award from The Farmington, NM Museum of Art and the “Honorable Mention” award from the Orange County, California Creative’s Gallery.

In addition to The Self Expressions Gallery, Dr. Mathews is currently represented by The Connect Gallery and the Malibu Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Ken Smith- Photography


I live in Bellevue, Nebraska and enjoy God’s beauty; landscapes – wide open spaces, solitude, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, sunrise, and sunsets. I love photographing stars, especially the Milky Way. I also enjoy the local countryside, the barns, silos, and windmills.

I’ve been a meteorologist for many years, first in the United States Air Force and then as a civilian at Offutt Air Force Base, in Bellevue. My love for weather is also evident in my photos, as the clouds and changing light can dramatically enhance the mood of a scene.

Ansel Adams, a world renowned landscape photographer once said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” I hope my photographs transport you to new locations and let you experience the colorful land we live in.

I’m honored to be a member of “The Grove.” I have the flexibility to print in virtually any size, so you are not limited to the photos on display here. Please contact me via my business card or through “The Grove.” I will arrange for pickup at “The Grove” or shipped to you.

Honey Lynn (Larson) Self - Acrylics/ Oil


Honey Lynn (Larson) Self was born in 1971 and has been a Nebraska girl all of her life . As a young girl at the age of 8, she found she had an interest in painting and used to practice on paper plates. She took a few art classes as a youngster and watched a lot of Bob Ross videos, but is mainly a self-taught artist. At the age of 11, she earned a grand champion purple ribbon at the Cass County Fair with one of her painted saws, but wasn’t able to take it to state because she had to be 12 years old to do so. After high school, life happened and she didn’t pick up a paint brush for about 20 years. However, when she did, she realized painting was her passion and enjoys sharing her artwork with everyone.
Honey’s mediums include primarily liquid acrylics but also enjoys using oils when she has the extra drying time. She has had her pieces displayed at the former Sandstone Gallery in Louisville, Ne, was one of the featured artists at the Schoolhouse Art Gallery in Brownville, Ne and has also had exhibits at the Wildwood Historic Period House in Nebraska City, Ne. She held painting classes for middle schoolers for an after school club for 2 years. She enjoyed spending time with the kids and hopes she helped them realize the importance of art in our world and maybe encouraged a few to continue with their new found talents. Honey’s Studio was recently voted Best of the Best in Otoe County for 2018. She enjoys doing landscapes and animal portraits.
Honey currently resides in Nebraska City, Ne with her husband Steve, son Skyler, and daughter Alivia. In addition to being a wife and mother, she conducts painting classes teaching a variety of different techniques for all ages. Honey hopes her pieces will be enjoyed by everyone and that the vibrant colors in her work will leave all who see them feeling the joy, happiness and contentment she does while painting them.

Mary Sneed - Painting


Mary Sneed currently resides in Malvern, Iowa and has lived in the Midwest her entire life. She has been fortunate enough to be blessed with 12 children. She has been painting for over 40 years and considers herself to be a self-taught artist. Mary has her own Gallery in Glenwood, Iowa.

Her style includes themed, formal, informal, and realism paintings. Medium includes: acrylic, pastels, oils, watercolors, charcoal and pencils.

Mary has studied with well-known portrait artist Danielle Greene, Oscar Sormani, Stephen Roberts and Norman Freeman. It was during these years of tutoring that she perfected her craft as a painter of traditional portraiture and the fine points of painting in various mediums.

Mary is currently traveling across the United States and Canada painting large murals for a well-known restaurant Franchise.

Some of Mary’s other commissioned work includes, Mickey Mantle, mixed medium; 1994 Nebraska National Championship Print, colored pencil; and worked with the St. Louis Blues creating prints of various players.

Mary has a passion of capturing the spirit, personality and character of her subjects through her portraits. Mary works from your personal photographs to capture your own favorite memories.

Duane Pieper - Encaustic


I grew up in rural Monterey, Nebraska in a setting defined by rolling hills, lazy rivers and creeks, endless horizons, spacious skies, quilt-like fields, grazing animals, and dynamic sunsets. This defined my early years and shaped my visual sensitivities. 

Inclinations to create found early expression in my father’s woodshop, constructing bird houses, miniature barns and various other agrarian motifs. I still remember the satisfaction of these creative endeavors. 

Traveling throughout Europe for an entire year was an immersion into the rich creative culture of the Western world. Walking through the architectural landscapes of the ages, sitting in awe in cathedrals and visiting the museums of the ‘masters’ brought me face to face with our creative history. It was a quantum leap from my Nebraska heritage. 

This experience opened up new possibilities and broadened my perspective, even as I returned to my professional background, vocationally training individuals, with developmental disabilities. There was a great deal of fulfillment helping them develop life skills, leading towards independent living. It was a very creative enterprise.

My initial formal training in the arts was in a fine-woodworking program. This training led to the development of skills in furniture design, carving and sculpting. After graduation, I was juried into the Southern Highlands Guild and thereafter opened my own business 

A passion for biblical archaeology has also contributed to my artistic direction. It has given me a broader perspective of history, cultural sensitivities, and exposure to the dynamic ‘layers’ of the Scriptures. Researching the foundations of the Bible narrative in Israel, with all its visual artifacts, has given me a deeper perspective of history and humankind.

Upon our return to Nebraska, I wanted to share these experiences.  I subsequently discovered the ancient medium of ‘encaustic’ wax. Encaustic and archaeology have a great deal in common, in which one layer builds upon another and the relationships tell the story. Encaustic has also led me to explore the creative potential of cold wax. Drawn to working three-dimensionally has ultimately lead to bronze sculpting.

As a member of the local art associations, I have displayed my work in a variety of art shows in the Omaha metro area. One-man shows have allowed me to exhibit in a variety of diverse settings. A number of my pieces have also been juried into an online Judeo-Christian International Art Exhibit. ‘Christians in the Visual Arts’ offers opportunities for national exposure. Membership in the ‘International Encaustic Artists’ organization has given me access to other professional artists in the field, with a passion for wax.

After four years of displaying my artwork at the ‘Biblical Touchstones Gallery’, which I curated, to highlight my creative endeavors, I am broadening my exposure in the community. Partnering with fellow artists in the ‘Grove Gallery’ venue is a privilege. 

Susan Woodford - Sculpture Artist


Working with fire and metal I take a strong, unyielding material and transform it into creations of movement, feminine form, and abstract imagery.  

Tom and Linda Pauley - Stained Glass/ Antique Collage


Tom first became interested in stained glass art in the early 1970's.  As his interest grew, he took a class or two and realized he preferred the Tiffany method and uses that on all his projects.  He has done a number of windows, transoms, and architectural pieces.  The clocks are all one -of-a-kind and signed by the artist.  

Tom's wife Linda, is an Interior Designer with a penchant for antiques.  She and Tom collaborate on creating collages using "found" objects.  They also do custom collages incorporating a clients keepsakes.

Sid Suedmeier - Blade Smith


H. "Sid" Suedmeier has been making knives for 35 years, and making Damascus steel for 10 years.  He supported his local Ducks Unlimited Chapter in Nebraska City, Ne for 30 years through donations of hand crafted knives for their annual auctions.  Over this period of time, the knives brought in over $50,000. 

Douglas Larson - Custom Hand Engraver


Nebraska City native, Doug J. Larson is a Custom Hand Engraver. Trained by a US master engraver, Doug’s methods include hammer & chisel, hand push and modern pneumatic hand piece for the embellishment metals items. Firearms, knives, jewelry, family heirlooms and quirky, one of a kind items all receive the same care and diligence on his bench.  Commissions are considered.

Shawna (Allgood) Clark - Abstract Acrylic


Hello!  My name is Shawna Allgood Clark, and I grew up in Nebraska
City, graduating from here in 1989.  I graduated from Clarkson College of Nursing in Omaha, Ne with my Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing in 1994.  I've worked in various areas of the nursing field and very much enjoy taking care of people.  I worked for almost 20 years at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha, Ne until leaving my position this past June to focus full-time on completing my Master of Science in Nursing degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, and will graduate in December 2020.

I've always had an artistic eye, and took a couple of photography classes at Metro Community College years ago.  I used to do photography for children, family, weddings and senior portraits for about 10 years.  I love photography, but I found that I really just wanted to show up and capture the memories for people, but I wasn't very fond of the editing side of it.  I still enjoy taking pictures, but most of the time, it's when we are traveling.  I love working with my hands and tried my hand with oil paints a few years ago and just couldn't get a feel for it.

I became interested in fluid acrylics this past year, and realized that I found my niche.  There is nothing better than putting together a unique color combination of acrylic paints and working it around a canvas!  I usually start with a general design in mind, although the end result is almost always a surprise, and I love that.  I don't have a theme in my work, as my style is all over the place.  Sometimes organized and intentional, and other times, disorganized and chaotic.  I am a self-taught artist with the learning process being continuous, exciting and leaving me constantly wanting to try new things.  Although I favor abstract acrylic pours on canvas, my newest interest is working with mica powders and resin on wood.  I will be working to complete some projects using these, and can't wait to share them with everyone!  

I currently live in Red Oak, Ia with my husband, David.  Our children are all grown and out of the house, so we have one big empty next with just us and our two dogs.  For me, creating my paintings has provided me an outlet to de-stress from the everyday demands of school.  Putting on some good music, moving that paint around the canvas while making a huge mess is the best kind of therapy anyone could ask for!  My goal is for others to look at my work and feel drawn to it, while trying to imagine what inspired its creation.

"Painting is dancing with chaos" -Melanie Circle

Angelica Stiles - Watercolor


My name is Angelica Stiles.  I graduated from Nebraska City High School in 2019, and I am attending William Jewell College pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and Political Science.  I've been doing art since I was very young with my grandma, and over the years that hobby has turned into something more.  I specialize in realistic portraits in graphite, but I can figure out basically any medium.  I'm particularly interested in mastering watercolor, which can be seen in my work at The Grove Gallery.  My goal with my art is just to make people smile, which is why I mainly do portraits for family members.  

Themes in Greek mythology are also an inspiration for my art, which is most noticeable in my titles.  The Greeks really had something going with their themes, and I'd love to portray more of them through my paintings. 

Ron Brooks - Artist and Sculptor


I have lived throughout the United States, as well as serving in the Air Force and traveling around the world.  My military career didn’t allow much time to pursue creativity or artistic expression.  After my retirement from the Air Force, I “rediscovered” my artistic side.  I took a sculpting workshop, and knew that this was the medium where I could best express myself and share all my artistry.

My inspiration sources are many, including my family, nature and my love of this great country in which we live.  The ability to be inspired by the people I meet and the things I see and experience are never-ending.   Each piece I create speaks to an emotion, idea, story or dream of mine, and I appreciate the opportunity to share that through my works.

I have been fortunate to participate in group exhibitions as well as competitions with my art, and have received some notable awards as well.  Here are some of the highlights:

2018:  Member of the National Sculpture Society

2017 Certificate of Excellence, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Association of Nebraska Art Clubs show, touring the state for one year. 

2017 Second place, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2017 Honorable Mention, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Ernestine Quick Memorial Art Show 

2016 Honorable Mention, “Majesty” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Honorable Mention, “Loyalty” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Merit Award, “Greatest Fallen” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Merit Award, “Greatest Fallen” sculpture, Association of Nebraska Art Clubs Show, touring the state for one year.   

2013 People’s Choice Award, “Honoring the Fallen” sculpture, Ernestine Quick Memorial Art Show  

My works are currently on display at the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE.  Additionally, some of my pieces are held in private collections throughout Nebraska and Wyoming.

Annie Troe - Acrylic


Annie is an internationally recognized licensed artist. You can find her art on fabric, puzzles, greeting cards, wall decor, ornaments and more. You never know when one of her originals will end up on a product in a store near you! One of Annie’s pet portraits is featured in North Light Books, “AcrylicWorks 6”, The Best of Acrylic Painting. Release date, May 2019 (Amazon). She teaches watercolor classes in her home town of Omaha Nebraska. Annie is originally from Lincoln Nebraska. If you see her driving around in her white VW Beetle, be sure to wave hi! Best place to follow Annie is on Facebook where most of her giveaways happen @AnnieTroe

Sam Harmon - Stained Glass


I am originally from New York where I studied art, oils, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, sculpture etc.  I moved to Tulsa, OK and finally to Rock Port, MO.  I am married 53 years and have one son.  One day my sister asked me to go with her for a Stained Glass Class in 2015 (actually, I thought it would be really boring) but I have been doing Stained Glass ever since.  Some of my windows are my original works from sketches, and some are from patterns.  I've done special orders, businesses, and churches.  I don't do leaded windows, use copper foil (a Tiffany invention).  Copper Foil allows you to do a more detailed piece of art.  I have to give a shout out to David Wynn for teaching me the art of Stained Glass.  He has been a great mentor and teacher, butmost of all a dear friend. 

Julie Snyder - Acrylics/ Mixed media


Julie Snyder was born in O'Neil, Ne into life as a military brat.  She has lived in many places in the United States-usually on one coast or another.  Her family returned to the Nebraska Sandhills every August which fostered her love for and appreciation of the state.  She was born to love travel and to enjoy every place she has visited or lived.  As a child, she loved art and remembers visits to galleries and museums with her parents who encouraged her to be creative.  

She began taking art lessons in watercolor at the age of 11 and declared an art major when she entered University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She has a B.A. in Communication.  Since then, Julie has taken photography classes and oil painting workshops always seeking new ways to "view the world."  Additionally, she has worked in various mediums including acrylic, textiles, paper, mixed media with upcycled and found objects and silversmithing.  She likes to "deconstruct" a scene or an object to better understand how she can put her ideas into her work.  

Julie experiences the landscape she paints as she rides her motorcycle throughout the state.  She finds herself "in the scene" and looks to the natural colors, shapes, and textures for inspiration for her next project.  During the summer of 2017, she entered a contest in celebration of the solar eclipse.  The theme was to create a work using Van Gogh's Starry Night as inspiration.  She placed first, but realized how hard it is to try to interpret the Masters.

Gail Younts - Acrylic Artist


My name is Gail and I've built my life around art. I created my first portrait at 3 years old and have been fascinated with drawing and painting people from then on. Over the last few years, my personal work has been focused on the theme of painting and drawing musician portraits. Music has always been a huge part of my creative process and daily life. Painting musicians has allowed me to marry the two loves of my life: art and music! I equate creating a portrait of the musician, much like a musician creates a song. Each note is like a brushstroke, the words are like colors and the right combinations can create a memorable piece. My goal is always to capture the visual likeness along with an expressive quality that you feel as you look at the portrait. Each painting or drawing is meaningful to me. Often times they are inspired by a specific song that resonates with me, it can either takes me back to a particular moment or perhaps it speaks to me in a way that has helped me understand my own feelings. Sometimes the song is just one that gives me goosebumps! You definitely know that it's a great song when it does that. I try to take those moments and feelings and put them into my portraits. I get goosebumps when I watch Joe Cocker's performance of "With a Little Help From My Friends" at Woodstock. There's just something about that performance that's exceptional. It's timing is beautiful, just enough pause in the empty spaces to draw you in and his voice is so full of emotion pouring out into his beautiful raspy tone. And then there's his movements (girations, spasms, dancing, whatever), which to me embody the music as it overtakes him and he jolts with the power of it all. Truly remarkable! That performance was the inspiration to my painting of Joe Cocker. I tried to capture that moment as the music transforms him and he's really just a vessel to it pouring out of him. 

So here's some of my background info. I'm originally from Hamburg, Iowa. I earned a B.A. in Art Education (+15 grad credit hours) from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska. I've mainly lived in 3 states: Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. I'm married, have kids, grandkids and several fur kids! I teach art at the jr high and high school art  at two schools and teach art camp in the summers. 

I worked as a part of the Boot Sculpture Community Art project with my students in Sidney, IA and designed and painted one of the boots. I have painted a mural for the Sidney Swimming Pool and restored a ceramic tile mural outside of the Sidney City Hall. Before teaching, I was Assistant Director at the Hayden Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE.

I have shown my work publicly at the Noyes Art Gallery – Lincoln, Peru State College Gallery, Bellevue College Art Gallery and Hillmer Art Gallery – Omaha. I recently participated as an artist in the Southwest Iowa Art Tour at Waubonsie Station in Tabor, Iowa. My art was selected in October, 2016 as “Today’s Feature” at and I was featured in an article at ( and have had my work featured several times on, ArtistWaves Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.  I currently have artwork on display/for sale at Waubonsie Station in Tabor, Iowa, at Rivermarket 190 in Clarinda, Iowa and at O'bees in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Casey Mitchell - Photographer


I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although I have always had an interest in photography I never truly pursued it until 2012 when my stepfather, an amazing photographer, encouraged me to buy my first DSLR. Since that time I have studied, learned and been lucky enough to meet so many great artists and photographers from all over the country. I truly consider myself an amateur and continue to learn everyday. As a photographer my passion is the outdoors and landscapes. I am in complete awe when I am looking at the varying clouds in the sky, watching the sunrise, or am out capturing a sunset. I find the most inspiration when driving around the country roads looking for that perfect viewpoint. When I’m exploring to capture it, this is as good at it gets and brings me real relaxation. In conclusion the biggest reward in my work has been the idea that many of my favorite photos bring happiness to people and when they are displayed in their homes, it brings them memories of the good life of Nebraska.

Ron & Tara Barrier Rolling B -Metal Art


Rolling B Signs & Designs started out as a small division of Rolling B Farms created to expand on the opportunity to work with metal.  We began using our Plasma Cam to make farm signs, garden stakes, fire rings, and memorials.  Experimenting with various designs, paint and patina finishes.  It was awesome to see each piece come to life as it was finished.  Eventually the Plasma Cam was upgraded to a Laser which cuts so much cleaner and allows us to show more detail in our pieces.   Continuously learning more about the laser, we are excited to try wood pieces in the future.  We enjoy helping people find a unique piece to add to their home decor, personalized gift or visual reminder of that special moment.  

Troy Lamkins - Deer/Moose Shed carvings


Troy Lamkins, long time Nebraska City resident who now resides in Sidney, Ia is a self taught artist transforming what nature leaves behind into unique works of art.  Using a rotary tool and carbide bits, organic material such as deer, elk and moose antler take on a whole new life.  Driven by his imagination and skill, Troy's creative possibilities have proven to be vast.  From a large moose paddle welcoming guests at your front door, a detailed table centerpiece or the delicate petals of a flower to adorn a necklace. 

Doyle Keene/Brian Keene Fractal Burning/Woodworking


 This Father-Son duo have been involved in the art of music for over 30 years. Along with playing guitar, writing music, and singing, the duo picked up another form of art a few years ago. Once they learned about the art of fractal burning, they knew they wanted to give it a try. With both Doyle and Brian being the handy men they are, they created their own fractal burning device and have been creating art ever since. In their free time, they work together to create one of a kind pieces, using various types of wood and skill. In the Summer of 2019, the duo created a name for their family run business, DB Keene Fractal Burning. From flag cases to picture frames, DB Keene Fractal Burning can turn any woodwork into a custom work of art.

Conrad Hinz - Pop Art


I am a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C.  I have been in many publications and magazines, some of which are Albuquerque Journal, South Dakota Magazine, World Herald, Rapid City Journal and Washington Post.  My work is based on humor and early hot rod and motorcycle culture.  I do commission work as well in any style.

Sara McNeilly Ammon - Abstract Artist


Sara McNeilly Ammon has worked as a professional freelance writer and is a visual artist.  Passionate about the arts and community development, Sara was actively engaged in the growing arts and business district on south Vinton Street in Omaha while working for the Apollon as communications director including her role as fundraising coordinator for the Vinton Street creativity festival.  Sara's writing and visual art (abstract paintings, photography and carved paper sculptures) have been featured in both solo and collaborative shows at various regional galleries.  She is a featured artist with random arts Omaha and her poetry has been published in several issues for the Lincoln Underground.  Sara is a 2016 artist inc. fellow.  She is currently a coop artist at Noyes Gallery in Lincoln and Self Expressions Gallery in Nebraska City.  Sara grew up in Nebraska City and recently moved back in 2017.  She lived for many years in Lincoln and the Omaha/Bellevue area.  Which will make her an outstanding and informative community steward for artists and writers in Southeast Nebraska.  You can view her portfolio and follow her ongoing work at 

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Nancy Fairbanks - Pottery


I am fascinated by the fact that we can take the stuff that is lying under the ground and with some imagination, produce something that has the potential of recording our feelings and responses to the world around us. Ceramics has the potential to last for decades, if not centuries. I will probably not be around then, but it is reassuring to think that my fingerprints will be.

Over the years, I have realized that my work is more than forming clay into objects, it is the experience of becoming one with the clay:  the formation of ones own personality with the earth.    Magic happens when the potters hands and clay meet....2 become one....and both serve their purpose.  The potter will eventually stop, but the spirit of  her work will always remain.

My work represents my spirit, my personality, and me.    It echoes my moods and my experiences,  as my life develops and changes, my pottery does too.   The harmony between pot and potter during the stages of development is what gives them both life and spirit.

as I become totally captivated in the form, I find the clay and the hands work in harmony and give me purpose and peace in my life.  I have taken part of God’s great creation, added my personality and love, and together we have created.  I am thankful that God helped me find the spirit of the clay.


Marcia Holliway - Watercolor/Author


The above six words, my autobiography, was written in 2012.  These words are more than that though.  They are my statement of faith.  They are my narrative.  They are my identity.  My resolve.  I was created to create.  I can do nothing else.  Telling me I have to stop creating is like telling me to stop breathing.  I cannot live the life I was meant for without it!  My creativity was on hold for many years.  But No More!  
Seeing and feeling texture, light, color and sound stirs my soul.  Nature, people and their stories and, harvesting anything old are inspitations for my art!  Making something from nothing or rubbish delights me.  On canvas and on paper, alone or all together in layers or in journals, I splatter a little paint, scratch on graphite and Conte Crayons, drip ink and play with other marking mediums.  As they start relating to one another they become a cohesive work of Art.  Something beautiful and treasured has come from nothing, brokenness or debris and reminds me this process is happening in my own life as well.

As I collaborate with purpose, with my creator and others, to write my story and, create goodness and art, I am reflecting something of His character.  We all are.  Although my life, stories, art and journals can be kept private, I am convinced that life is most fulfilled when I share them.

Katrina Swanson- Oil/Acrylic


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